About us

Creating more or less typical furniture is not only our job, but also a great passion that we want to share with our clients. Thanks to the fact that we have been operating in this industry for several years, we have managed to get to know the needs of modern users quite well. Finished products do not always meet their expectations, which is why custom-made furniture in a place like Rybnik has become something really necessary. So, to meet the needs of our customers, we offer high-quality bathroom and kitchen furniture as well as custom-made wardrobes, and we also carry out orders for other types of home furnishings, such as desks, shelves or dressing tables.

It should be noted that our clients who order Rybnik custom-made furniture, we provide comprehensive service and advice at every stage of their creation. From the moment of creating their design, through the selection of the best materials and finishing elements, to the assembly of ready-made furniture. We also guarantee that each product ordered in our company is distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship, thanks to which it will serve you perfectly for many years. Therefore, if you are interested in custom-made bathroom furniture, wardrobes or kitchen furniture, Rybnik and the Altitudo company located in it will be an excellent choice.

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